Dakar: Two Moroccan students killed in motorcycle accident
Tangier: 26 Moroccan Marines died by accident after surgery forest fire Mediouna (video)
6 months in jail for ' son of parliamentarian ' drunken state caused in traffic accident
Tangier: 16 people injured in traffic accident
Oujda: 39 injured after bus crash
Wedding couple died in traffic accident near Tetouan
Tangier: Man loses almost his genitals by jetski
Fatal crash near Tanger, 3 deaths
Chefchaouen: two dead and six injured in a road accident
18 dead last week by road accidents in Morocco
Killed and injured by traffic accidents in Tanger
New traffic drama: 7 killed in traffic accident near Settat
Sale: 16 injured in chain collision (video)
Saudi Arabia: female driver crashed
Tangier: Nine injured after traffic accident
Mother and child died in traffic accident between Fez and Taounate (video)
Sale: police officer arrested for involvement in traffic accident
Serious traffic accident on Highway Assilah-Tanger
Two boys seriously injured by collision with tram in Casablanca (video)
Fatal tram accident in Casablanca
Dead and critically injured after traffic accident in Salé
Five died in road accidents in Imouzzer Kender and Tiflet
Casablanca: strong increase in accidents on the tram network in 2017
Tamansourt: water hit coach is baby to fatal (video)
Sidi Allal Bahraoui at traffic accident toll station, 2 killed and 5 wounded
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