Large mosquito plague in Fez, measures authorities stay out
Cherry festival kicks off in Sefrou
500 euro fee after Miss classes photo because this coincided with feast of sacrifice
The hotel Palais Jamai in Fez will reopen in 2019
Panic after fire on board train between Fez and Marrakech (video)
International Festival of Amazigh culture begins today in FES
' Just for Gags ' for the first time in Morocco
Fez: hashish Hidden in milk cartons
Fez-Meknes region enormously popular with car parts manufacturers
Silver festival ' Timizart ' in Tiznit (video)
Fez will receive 34 new mini buses equipped with Wi-Fi
Fez: woman steals leading fiance and does false reporting of robbery
International Fireworks festival opens tonight in Scheveningen
Book ' Fez: the soul of Morocco ' handed over to King Mohammed VI on his birthday
Fez: police officer arrested after collision with a motorcyclist
Fes-Sais: increase of more than 17% in passenger transport
The Hague waiting at book trade
Bizarre: two hitting clashed with each other in muezzin's mosque in Fez (video)
Boy that old man robbed in Casablanca arrested in Fez
Street vendors Fes gradually take complete areas over, much to the chagrin of residents
Teachers of the University in FES Qaraouiyine train imams in Al-Italy
Fez: Prisoner dies in Ras El Ma-prison to tuberculosis
Air Arabia Maroc launches 11 new lines from Fes to Europe
Tangier Ibn Battouta: international festival takes place in november
Mother and child died in traffic accident between Fez and Taounate (video)
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