Fez: Daesh-terreurcel and prevent Authorities dismantle attack (video)
Six persons arrested for ties with terreurcel recently dismantled in Fez
Moroccan security and intelligence service BCIJ rips new terreurcel in Fez
Fes-Saïss Airport: catering truck Rams plane
King Mohammed VI grants free access to visitors Moulay Y Spa
Terreurcel Fez: BCIJ picks up 2 new terror suspects on
Fez: dismantling of a network specialized in car theft
Fez: young man arrested for sexual assault of minor on elementary school
Fès-Saiss airport passes 1 million passengers
Moroccan cities: Fez
Fez: 20 students arrested for violence against their teachers
Fez: arrest of a Frenchman suspected of paedophilia
Fez: French pedophile then drugged his victims
Explosion in local prison Fez, DGAPR opens investigation
Fez: three men arrested for blackmail and death threats
Obituary: former national team-player El Hazzaz returns to its creator
Three injured in house collapse in Fez (video)
Chinese new year festivities in Morocco (video)
Fez: 70-year-old tourist attacked with knife
Fez: French pedophile claims to be schizophrenic
Fez: arrest of three people who tried to Rob a tourist
Essaouira: high prison sentences for terrorists who wanted to attack the Gnaoua festival
Fez in the 1960s (video)
Fez: arrest of a criminal gang who child kidnapped for ransom
Bruno Mars on 2018 Mawazine
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