Benatia and Ziyech nominated for best African Player
Benatia and Ziyech from the race for African Player of the year
Benatia nominated for best Arabic Player 2016
Champions League: Benatia and Juventus all in one foot in quarter-final after beating FC Porto
Benatia helps Juventus AC Milan along with phenomenal first (video)
Champions League: Dirar and reach quarter-finals miljardenbal Benatia
European football: Benatia and Dirar take European powers, Ziyech loot Schalke 04
Champions League: Benatia against FC Barcelona, Dirar visiting Dortmund
Champions League: Dirar must do it with RAID, in turn, Benatia are watching FC Barcelona from tribune
Benatia celebrates 30th birthday: all statistics in a row
UEFA Champions League: Benatia and Dirar in selections for return quarter-final v/h miljardenbal
Spotlight: ' Benatia and Ziyech v party to Morocco again against Orange and Cameroon '
UEFA Champions League: Dirar and Benatia punches through to semi-final v/h miljardenbal
European football: Ziyech, Benatia and Dirar cards opponents in semifinal
Noteworthy: Benatia scolded for ' Moroccan bastard ' during live broadcast channel RAI (video)
Benatia responds to RAI-incident: ' Am a Moroccan and proud to be! '
Scoop: Benatia first Moroccan international ever in final UEFA Champions League
Juventus takes Benatia finally over by Bayern Munich, contract until mid-2020
Benatia from reserve bank eyewitness 12th CL-victory Real Madrid
African football CAF takes Benatia and Ziyech on Matchday 3 in ' Best Team '
Serie A: highlights Medhi Benatia during Juventus-Chievo Verona (video)
Matchday: tonight sparkle Benatia and Carcela-Gonzalez in the UEFA Champions League
UEFA Champions League: ' injury Benatia seems too bad ' (video)
Analysis: ' Benatia, professional, and Moroccan-international at heart '
Serie A: strong holder Benatia accurately against Crotone (video)
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