Algeria gets beating from Egypt
Professor leaves wife for Hirsi Ali
Veiled automobiliste fined
'' My life under a veil was terrible ''
Statements on gays cost Halalmeid the head
Doctors want to discourage boys circumcision
Bus driver woman refuses access because of nikaab
9/11 new images raise questions
Introduction burqa ban in ov failed
Woman who Virgin membranes ' restores ' in the cell in Saudi Arabia
' Nothing wrong with marriage between first cousins '
Explosion at the seat of Government in Oslo
Amrabat: ' I can't possibly be satisfied '
Gerets has no time for nuance ' Moroccan '
Burqa ban Netherlands is a fact
Moroccans wild: ' Gabriel earns money with reading and walking '
Rebels Mali haha black flag on in Timbuktu
Wilders calls on Muslims to leave islam
Man discovers new species
Dutch Muslims protest against insulting film
' More and more Muslims are converted to Christian faith '
Amazigh names now allowed in Morocco
Amazigh names still denied in Morocco
Moroccan transsexual Nordin is now Norwegian and all accepted
Bid's also angry to Moroccans-statements Wilders
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