King Mohammed VI Chairman at religious reading in Rabat
Corrupt judge jailed in prison Manikandan
Umrah: pilgrims ripped off by travel agency in Rabat
3 Moroccan universities in the Arab world's top 28
Next Thursday ' Africa Day ' in Rabat
National March in solidarity with Reef protests: who do and who does not
National mars today in Rabat in solidarity with protests Rif region (videos)
Rabat: 3 world religions are quiet when sacrifices King Mohammed V Morocco for tolerance and peace
Moroccan bond deviates for World Cup qualifier Mali forward to Rabat
Son of parliamentarian involved in traffic accident in Rabat
No bail for ' son of parliamentarian ' drunken state caused in traffic accident
Free Mozart concerts in Casablanca and Rabat early July
6 months in jail for ' son of parliamentarian ' drunken state caused in traffic accident
Car driver deliberately runs over policeman in Rabat (video)
Young man armed with two machetes arrested in Rabat
Rabat will host 25th edition African STEVE mathematics contest
Police driving pro-Hirak demonstration in Rabat from each other (video)
Tram network Rabat: extension of 7 km in 2019
Judge sentenced to 1 year imprisonment for corruption
Rabat: ' large ' Theatre will be opened at the beginning of 2019
Al Hoceima: activists determined to demonstrate today
Disabled Cook and serve in this restaurant in Rabat (video)
Government officials, including agents, get from Rabat prison for drug trafficking and corruption
Open laboratory to Morocco ' black box ' of plane to be able to analyze
Picasso exhibition at Mohammed VI museum this weekend free to admire
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