Egypt bans female circumcision
Badr Hari suspected of aggravated assault
Gay beaten up at Homomonument
Man with girl (8) to police: ' I have her abused '
' Football is affecting each other in forest and pasture for rig brawls '
Incest perpetrator from Heerlen 12 years after abuse daughter cell
Reports of child pornography doubled
Old Moroccan man gets beating after Kiss attempt (video)
Shocking: girl (5) draws rapes priest
Furious Moroccan wife saves husband on the street (video)
Lecturer in Demnate convicted of abuse 16 children
Battering autistic student unleashed anger in Morocco (video)
Badr Hari gets 7 February to hear whether he still half year cell in should
Two members gendarmerie Kenitra horribly mistreated after arrest alcohol seller
Arrestee after attack: I was abused
30 months in jail for Moroccan American who sexually abused in Rabat
Wanted Vulture caught and abused by teenagers in Tanger
Amsterdam boys to viral movie abuse mahaffey
Petition calls on Morocco to research sexual abuse by British mp
Four suspects gay abuse log
Attorney-General v/d King suspended after abuse of power in Marjane hypermarket
High-profile abuse case Cosby started
Suspect case-Savannah from sticking, suspicious case-Romy confesses
First guide for child victims of sexual abuse launched in Morocco
Former political leader arrested for suspected sexual abuse of minors in Tindouf camps
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