Prisoners injured in traffic accident in Marrakech
3 deaths and 4 injured in traffic accident on the highway Rabat-Salé
15 killed and injured in road accidents in Morocco last week 1422
1 dead in road accident in Spain with Moroccan bus
One dead and 22 injured in an accident on the coastal road between Mohammedia and Bouznika
Two Sailers Moroccan fishing boat missing in coastal Spain
Three policemen killed in traffic accident near Guelmim
Drama in port Sebta, Moroccan holiday maker from Spain drowns in car (video)
Drunk man in Ferrari in Rabat goes viral, DGSN reacts (video)
Drunk Ferrari driver and 2 police officers arrested after accident in Rabat
Spain: 21 years imprisonment demanded for agent that Moroccan killed
Local President PJD clear after escape attempt after car accident
First facts after investigation accident intoxicated Ferrari-driver
Children's crossing man injured by tram accident Salé
New strategy to reduce to 50% accidents in Morocco
Three dead after car to water at Lelystad
Accident family Wijdenbosch was supposedly already Sunday evening
Khénifra bus accident: King Mohammed VI takes all costs
Dutch man and his Moroccan woman killed in traffic accident in Morocco (video)
Son of parliamentarian involved in traffic accident in Rabat
No bail for ' son of parliamentarian ' drunken state caused in traffic accident
Deadly accident between Tangier and Tetouan, 3 victims
CNPAC calls during Eid Ul Fitr on Morocco to road users and summer vacation extra careful
Agadir: collision between freight cars that gas transports
Prevention Office in the making to Morocco to reduce traffic fatalities
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