' Enfant terrible Taarabt logs at KACM Marrakech '
Agent gets rid of tricky Taarabt
Taarabt travels to Genoa for medical examination, transfer not yet confirmed
Rent deal Taarabt foregone conclusion, signs temporary contract at Genoa CFC
Genoa CFC for one and a half season shelter to T
T: ' bad period at SL Benfica behind me and start over at Genoa '
Serie A: T fit enough for clash with Juventus Sunday Benatia's
T: ' no direct contact with Renard, with H ' (video)
Italian media praised Taarabt after fine play against Cagliari (video)
T: ' At Genoa CFC I am fit again, 11 kilos '
Spotlight: Renard adds ' lost son ' Taarabt to selection
RA: ' T is on the injured reserve list, should anyone hitting '
Taarabt on World Cup draw: ' Hope being there against these teams '
Noteworthy: ' fellow internationals keep call T against '
Transfer Talks: ' SL Benfica does T free from the hand to Genoa CFC '
' Genoa CFC light option to buy T in the summer, not back to SL Benfica '