Dozens of arrests after riots in Morocco (video)
First hearing of young woman who wanted to commit suicide in Agadir
Agadir at the end of september reached as many as 3 million overnight stays in the past year
Lower prices for visitors derby hotels Agadir Casablanca
Police Ait-Melloul sweeps streets clean with great action
Raja and Wydad share the points in scoreless derby (video)
Three arrests Agadir for international drug smuggling
Fran├žaise found dead in marina in Agadir
10 dead and 22 injured after bus accident near Agadir
King is visiting wounded from bus crash in around Agadir (video)
Irish tourist under fatalities from traffic accident Agadir
Bus driver by accident in Agadir referred to investigating magistrate
Agadir: truck accident had no permission to drive on that road
More than 6000 wild boar slaughtered in Agadir since 2012
Construction of the ' definitive ' Agadir holiday park Country course
Agadir start administrative procedures for realisation TGV station
USA trains FAR in land-mine clearance
A delegation of Saudi businessmen is visiting Morocco
Small earthquake in Agadir and surrounding area
In commemoration: the earthquake in Agadir in 1960 (videos)
Boxer R Jkitou prepares in Agadir for title fight
' Festival de la cuisine ' held in Agadir (video)
Spotlight: crocodile park in Agadir (video)
Weekly shipping line launched between Morocco and Russia
Plane makes emergency landing in Agadir to evacuate sick passenger
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