Police raided a brothel in Agadir
Upcoming: Lekjaa Announces friendly match against Morocco vs. Argentina (video)
Kick off air rally ' La Marche Verte ' between Agadir and Laayoune
Moroccan Highway administrator ADM launches three new projects
Agadir: Royal Palace converted into huge resort
Noteworthy: residents start petition against building Agadir district mosque
The American ship USS Vella Gulf makes stopover in Agadir
Agadir: boy accidentally shoots his girl next door down
Agadir: Man sends waste to the Mayor (video)
Agadir: police officer placed in custody due to public drunkenness
Interview: Dutch is committed in Morocco for charities
Three Germans killed in traffic accident between Essaouira and Agadir
Agadir: new amusement park opens its doors
CHAN 2018: CAF operates 2 Moroccan arbitrators to
New year's Eve: fireworks show on the beach of Agadir (video)
Agadir: a Moroccan frigate opposite an American missile cruiser (video)
The crocodile park in Agadir is extended with a cactus garden
Agadir covered with a layer of snow (video)
Agadir: total isolated villages by heavy snow (video)
Light earthquake in Taroudant
Agadir: repeatedly break-ins at the headquarters of a charitable organisation (video)
Agadir: Man asks woman's hand and steals Meanwhile jewelry collection
Agadir commemorates earthquake of 1960 (video)
Agadir: Man lights himself on fire after arguing with wife
Arrest in case of Moroccan serial killer
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