Morocco has dozens of new Ambassadors
Dutch Ambassador to China on non-active relationship
Russian Ambassador in Turkey shot (Video)
Turkey and Russia call attack provocation
King Mohammed VI receives foreign ambassadors in Marrakech
King appoints new head FAR and says goodbye to us Ambassador (video)
Egyptian Ambassador: my country supports the Moroccan Sahara (video)
World Press Photo picture murder Ambassador
Kuwaiti Ambassador: Morocco is a strategic partner for GCC
Jordan is going to appoint new Ambassador in Morocco
Pakistan is pleased with its strong relationship with Morocco
Morocco and Sweden join forces for sustainability developments
Claudia Wiedey new Ambassador of Morocco in the EU
Morocco Ambassador to Netherlands immediately calls back
King Mohammed VI appoints new Ambassadors, Walis and Governors
London: relatives of Moroccan victims invited to Ambassador for Eid Ul-Fitr
' Said Chaou may penalty in Netherlands serving '
Moroccan Ambassador in Turkey died in Rabat
Casablanca: FC Barcelona football school will soon get star player on visit
New Jordanian Ambassador in Morocco
Ambassador of Morocco in Greece victim of burglary
Algerian Minister accuses Morocco and Royal Air Maroc of drug smuggling (video)
Moroccan Ambassador to Qatar runs away from meeting organized by Algerian diplomat
Palestinian Ambassador in Rabat condemns ' British arrogance ' (video)
New Ambassador of the United States in Morocco
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