Killer of thief still persecuted
' Allah does not like women '
Swimming in "burkini" turned out to be shocking
Benazir Bhutto comes to when attack
Two Dutch soldiers killed in Afghanistan
Beaten by Guinea Morocco
' Joran Van Der Sloot gives murder Holloway '
Van der Sloot: she is never more to find
Cohen: ' not required to hand shake '
Wilders: film is off
Belgium hard beaten by Morocco
Eshan Jami comes with anti-Islam cartoon
Balkenende proud of Dutch Muslims
' Mufti ' Marcouch offended by Imam Fawaz
Psychopath terrorizes Moroccan girl
College deliberates on action against imam
Whites have the power in Amsterdam
PvdA-leader: Nekschot not punishable
Egypt bans female circumcision
' Burqa is a prison '
Saudi father kills daughter to repentance
There is progress in the Rif Mountains
Ambulance staff Amsterdam cease after violence
Moroccans find case exaggerated
Right-wing populist Jörg Haider (58) died
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