Amsterdam in consultation with Muslim community
Dutch mosques shocked by attack Quebec
King sends condolences to family of victim attack Quebec
Turkey prohibits live images at attacks
Attacker Louvre had machete
Memorial Service held for victims attack mosque Quebec in Rabat
Police thwarts suicide bombing in Paris
A closer look at attacks Brussels mosque under Commission
Deaths from explosion in Lahore
Moroccan convicted of terror attack in Spain is released
International report: Daesh used last 2 years 17 Moroccans for suicide attacks
Dozens of deaths from hospital Kabul attack
Two terror suspects arrested in Casablanca that attack wanted to commit
UN: chlorine gas in Syria put back
Witnesses London: all hell broke loose
4 deaths and at least 20 wounded by London attack
Security Service knew offender London attack
Morocco safety threatened by return of Daesh fighters
' Killing by poison gas attack Idlib '
' Russia is lying about chemical attack '
US missile attack on Syrian air base
Swedish police grope in dark about offender
Daesh takes in Egypt Christians as target
Morocco strongly condemns terrorist attacks against churches in Egypt
Boko Haram put more children in for attacks
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