Merkel wants to stop air attacks on Yemen
Attention in mosque for attacks London
Deaths from attacks in Tehran
Daesh calls for attacks during ramadan
Many deaths from attacks in Syria and Iraq
Sydney police prevents two attacks
Spanish police looking for 4 Moroccan i.v.m. voortvluchtingen attacks
Spain bombings: Moroccan experts to Madrid, 2 suspects arrested in Morocco
Larger planned terrorists attack Barcelona
Spain: fourteen-year-old Moroccan boy abused in wake of attacks
' A suspect terrorist released '
Second of four terror suspects released
Three Moroccan youth victims of violence in Spain attacks aftermath
New arrests in Morocco to Spain attacks
Obstacles sidewalks Rotterdam against attacks
More than 300 dead by attack Mogadishu
Killing by rocket attack on Yemen Daesh-camps
Lawsuit Abdeslam prorogued until February
Essaouira: high prison sentences for terrorists who wanted to attack the Gnaoua festival
Killing by Afghanistan attacks
Paris thwarts since January two attacks
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