Schilt again world champion in K-1
Bonjasky WINS insane final
'' Natrappen by Hari was pure hate ''
Agents on the picture with Badr Hari
Badr Hari far from at its mouth cases during press conference (video)
Combative Badr Hari to the word opposite Glory (video)
Badr and Rico ready after staredown and weighting (video)
Badr Hari vs. Rico Verhoeven wont show up at Arryadia!
Fight Badr Hari also keeps the tempers in Morocco working (video)
By arm-injury prevented Badr comes back: ' Get well soon, hit the gym and knock him out! '
Badr Hari-Rico Verhoeven pulled record number of viewers on Arryadia
Badr Hari hear today verdict
Supreme Court: Badr Hari to imprisonment serving
Glory: New fight Badr Hari-Rico Verhoeven in March 2018
Spotlight: Badr Hari signs with Glory, first fight March next year
Glory 51: Badr Hari affects old friend Analise Gad in Rotterdam
Glory 51 Rotterdam: view here live the press conference of Badr Hari (video)
Badr Hari: ' if the pay is good, then comes the game against Rico without saying ' (video)
Glory 51 Bad Blood: ' I owe my fans what After Rico ' (video)
Badr Hari: ' are still the best, even better than Verhoeven ' (video)
GAD: ' Badr is really going through hell have to ' (video)
Badr Hari: ' it's just my job, like I go to the Office
Glory Bad Blood: staredown and weighting Hari vs. Gad (video)
Glory Bad Blood: everything you should know about Badr Hari vs. Sunny Gad
Van der Gijp: ' Badr Hari is a phenomenon, a machine man! ' (video)
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