Thousands of boat people rescued from Mediterranean Sea
EU internal borders extended controls
Algeria put drones in Morocco against drug smuggling at border
Algerian premier: ' willing to settle the disputes with Morocco '
Gendarmerie Mauritania find Moroccan hashish in potato
Moroccan border guard drives out Algerian smugglers
Morocco tightened border control to Sebta and Melilla
Additional bet Moroccan Army at border with Mauritania
Long lines at border crossing Sebta
Civil Guard wants more troops to the border with Sebta
Algeria Morocco goes border surveillance with large scale-up
Moroccan authorities sharpen border surveillance with Algeria
POLISARIO throws oil on the fire by possible blockade border with Morocco and Mauritania
Bab Sebta: border-crossing point Tarajal II closed after dramatic incident (video)
Syrian opposition leader asks King Mohammed VI for help (video)
Indian Government praises himself with photo of the Moroccan-Spanish border
Men and women separated from now allowed in enclave Sebta
King Mohammed VI gives access to Syrian refugees on Moroccan-Algerian border
Spain and Morocco prevent 300 migrants cross the border in Sebta
Moroccan woman gives birth at Melilla border post
Spain is 12 million mired in sharpening surveillance Sebta
Red Cross: Yemen situation deteriorates quickly
European Commissioner for Migration on visit in Morocco
More than 200 migrants forcing border at Melilla
DGSN strengthened border control on various border posts in Morocco
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