Moroccan police investigating trafficking of Filipino workers
Children in Casablanca recapture their playground (video)
One of the world's most-wanted smugglers arrested in Casablanca
House is collapsing in Casablanca (video)
Hassan II mosque in Casablanca will be energy-saving
Surveillance cameras new weapon in fight against crime Casablanca
Qatari in Casablanca kidnaps and tortures his wife's lover
Fight Badr Hari also keeps the tempers in Morocco working (video)
King Mohammed VI in Hassan II mosque on the occasion of Eid Al Mawlid (video)
Spanish ship Juan Sebastian de Elcano ' Thursday ' in Casablanca (video)
Casablanca receives 1.2 billion dirham to municipal facilities to develop
Four bags thieves Casablanca arrested by spread video
King Mohamed VI launches innovation boulevard at Hassan II mosque
Also Moroccans took to the streets for Aleppo (video)
Infamous con artist from Casablanca gets five years in prison
King Mohammed VI reopens Obot Hamra mosque in Casablanca
Accessories of luxury cars new target of thieves in Casablanca
Large fire destroyed 25 shops in Casablanca
King Mohamed VI opens two important projects in Medina Casablanca
BMCE Bank President Announces new museum in Casablanca to
Casablanca organizes 3rd Edition of children's book fair
King Mohamed VI launches construction 17 sports installations Casablanca
Large-scale renovation work started for boulevard Ain Diab
The future face of the boulevard of Aïn Diab (video)
Reactions of the Moroccan public on the selection of Renard (video)
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