Casablanca festival will be held from 6 to 15 July
Casablanca welcomes customer service by Uber
Man in Casablanca raids in front of children (video)
Significant drop in crime in Casablanca
Casablanca police manhunt allows for seizure weapons and drugs
Police officers accused of extortion and corruption in Casablanca
Old central market Casablanca renamed modern and tourist area
Police at Casablanca airport intercepted nearly 8 kilos of cocaine
Tram conductor in Casablanca attacked
Aksai-group opens first Armani Exchange shop in Casablanca
French company dumps waste water next to Hassan II mosque in Casablanca (video)
Casablanca: 15 people blocking tram line in protest at ramadan timetable
Statistics: Casablanca on place 5 of the world's most populous cities
With machete fighting women in Casablanca (video)
Casablanca: death penalty for gardener who murdered couple
Morocco, Turkey and Spain enter exercise naval ships off at Casablanca
The first African country Morocco takes part in ' Hackathon '
Trailer for Chinese war film included in Morocco (video)
King Mohammed VI opens new rehabilitation center in Casablanca
Milestone for Renault: Morocco exported 1 million cars from
King Mohammed VI opens primary health center in Casablanca
Emotional reunion of Hassan Saada and his family in Casablanca (video)
Casablanca: new fountain illuminated Mohammed V square (video)
Almost 100 Moroccans who wanted to perform the Umrah victim of scams
Ramadan in Morocco: after the iftar, the streets come to life (video)
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