200 a drug bust found in port of Rotterdam
Colombia intercepted record amount of coke
Cocaine and cannabis seized in the North of Morocco
Moroccan ex-top athletes get busted for cocaine possession
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Authorities destroy 1200 kilos of cocaine in Tangier Morocco
Cocaine between bananas for food bank
Houthi family-use ship Moroccan shipowner for cocaine and arms rebels transport
Nigerian arrested with scoops of cocaine in his stomach on Mohamed V
Police at Casablanca airport intercepted nearly 8 kilos of cocaine
Venezuelan passenger with 60 cocaine capsules in stomach picked up in Marrakech
315 capsules containing cocaine seized on Mohamed V
Singer Reda Taliani arrested in Tunisia
Moroccan ' escobar ' arrested in Spain will be extradited to Romania
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Moroccan Customs does great drug bust on airport
BCIJ: 10 arrests and more than 2.5 tons of cocaine seized
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Almost 5 kg cocaine from pumped the stomachs of four individuals in hospital Casablanca
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1.4 kg cocaine removed from stomach by Nigerian on Casablanca airport
Casablanca: Brazilian arrested in possession of cocaine on Mohamed V
541 kg cocaine seized in the port of Casablanca