Muslim Party aims for 2010 elections
Over 12 million people can vote
Enthralled VVD and PvdA
Muslim body gets hard forward to new Cabinet
Islamic PJD party wins elections Morocco
President takes coffin to Morocco mosque polling station
King Mohammed VI will receive brand new premier Baby (video)
Morocco 80 women in new Parliament
King Mohammed VI gets hard to room members
Kuwait Emir sends Parliament
Look back 5 years Baby: emotion, humor and rock hard confrontations (video)
Room members Morocco accused of election fraud
Trump fast becoming to White House
Clinton will still give no speech
What if Baby no Government can form?
Obama Announces measures against Russia to
Also in Rotterdam wants to join PVV
Russians: propaganda accusation is nonsense
Riots in Paris after elections
Moroccan hackers tried to break to vote register school Miami
Austria makes jerk to the right
Fuss in Catalonia to possible elections
Palestinian groups agree on election
THINK takes part in Council elections Rotterdam
Wilders: now better Googling
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