Eredivisie: ' possible future lost at FC Twente '
Ziyech: ' people hear rather politically correct answers '
Ebert: ' my moments go yet to come ' (video)
L about winters departure: ' Transfer market is open 72 hours '
Ziyech counts after hit off with uitfluitende supporters (video)
Ziyech: ' they let emotion see, I let emotion see ' (video)
Ten Hag on debutant Mazraoui: ' has the potential for a nice career '
Ayoub: ' money isn't important, Allah (swt) provides us with rizq ' (video)
Ziyech: ' don't know if I'm going to leave everything ' (video)
Ziyech: ' it's now only about a week long ' (video)
Emperor: ' Clothes by Abbey still hang in the locker room ' (video)
Ziyech: ' title fight with champion scale if you only decide in your hands '
Mahi: ' If I am convinced 100% to be fit for the World Cup '
Stylist Ziyech delivers hattrick to assists against sc Heerenveen
Abdi: ' grew up with Badr Hari, was just a quiet male '
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