Morocco takes part in ' big 5 Show '
Export Moroccan argan oil goes coming 8 years triple
Maroc Export goes to "Arab and African Business women's Forum ' organised in 2017
16% increase in export of Moroccan handicraft products in 2016
Moroccan economy increases with 3.9% in the first quarter of 2017
Morocco's avocado production increased by 35%
Morocco's automobile industry scores the best export figures in recent years
Historical growth for export Moroccan handmade products
Moscow organizes third ' Morocco Festival '
Third annual Morocco festival in Russia (video)
Spain for fourth year in a row largest export country for Morocco
Moroccan fruit and vegetable export to EU increased by 17% in first quarter of 2017
Two years required for exporting to Iran
Morocco's largest exporter of agricultural products to Spain in the first half by 2017
Export of Moroccan citrus products will drop as a result of a shortage of rain
Roosevelt ' Souk ' program for export of Moroccan products to China