False alarm in COP22
Two arrests in Marrakesh to false terror message
Train station Rabat-Ville clears after false bomb threat
410 false guides arrested in Fez
Seizure of counterfeit currency on Mohammed V airport in Casablanca
Huge number of fake reports undermine Morocco fire (video)
746 false guides unmasked in FES since 1 January
Swedish border police: 65 Moroccan asylum seekers used false documents
Ifrane: dismantling of a gang that manufactured counterfeit money
Two false bomb threats on flights to Casablanca
Fez: woman steals leading fiance and does false reporting of robbery
Marrakech: seizure of counterfeit 500 euro notes
False pregnancy: "Naima is not pregnant, her case is psychological ' (video)
Moroccan demands 1.8 million euros of Spanish and British authorities because of false terrorism indictment