Meknes celebrates 20th anniversary on World Heritage list
Four individuals in Fes arrested after waving weapons on social media
Also blind and partially sighted people involved in Marrakech International Film Festival (video)
Five women arrested for involvement in baby trade in Fes
Nine dead and 45 injured in a traffic accident between Fes and Sidi Kacem (video)
King Mohammed VI sends condolences and take all cost about
King pays funeral expenses of crashed police officers from Fes
Dates announced National Film Festival in Tangier
Four women in Fes is sentenced to prison for baby trade
Lice are making a comeback in Fes
Spotlight: Fez, one of the imperial cities in Morocco (video)
Fez 340 million dirham invests in development projects
Pollution and algae killing fish in river in Fez
Fez: Department of the Interior declares El Azami's decision invalid
More than 300 large knives seized in Fes
Rumors that Lauryn Hill will perform at Mawazine Festival in Rabat
The first festival dedicated to Ibn Battuta in Tanger
410 false guides arrested in Fez
' Jazzablanca ' music festival attracts artists from home and abroad
First domestic flight between Fez and Marrakech launched
Fassi Fihri: ' Moroccan cinema is doing well ' (video)
' Festival de la cuisine ' held in Agadir (video)
Moroccan Ministry promised tougher after new hooliganism (video)
Dozens of people unwell after gas leak in call center in FES
Moroccan Football Federation fines from shares to MAS Fes and USK for misconduct supporters
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