Portuguese president sends condolence message King Mohammed VI
Casablanca: panic after phone charger exploded and caused fire
Italy: five members of Moroccan family died as a result of ignited fire
Italy: Moroccan father who fired home had a friend warned
Casablanca: huge fire in souk Al Massira Airport (video)
Larache: Man tries to blow up popular restaurant
Marrakech: large fire at restaurant Palais Jad Mahal (video)
Casablanca: Brawl between Moroccans and sub-Saharan migrants in Ouled Zaher (video)
More than 70 years on, receives American veteran Moroccan Medal of honour (video)
Central African Republic: Moroccan Blue Helmets under fire (video)
Cold weather in Morocco ensures high increase in firewood prices
182.7 million dirham to combat forest fires in 2018
Marrakech: fire in restaurant of hotel unit (video)
New year's Eve: fireworks show on the beach of Agadir (video)
Megan from hospital
New rules on fireworks in Morocco (video)
Moroccan woman and two children are killed during fire in UAE
Marrakech: phone charger explodes in home and caused large fire
Tangier: Brandweerdag in picture (video)
Agadir: Man lights himself on fire after arguing with wife
Tetouan: fire in a private clinic
Casablanca: dismantling a network that acting illegally in Fireworks and smoke bombs
Casablanca: young woman died in a fire caused by phone charger
Drama on Highway between Marrakech and Agadir (video)
The tlat ' market ' of Inezgane destroyed by fire (video)
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