Mahaffey killed in German court
'' A Muslim should not accept ' democracy '
Moroccan girl in trouble for not get involved with swimming lessons
Germany world champion after beating Argentina
Belgian pumpkin grower establishes world record
Terror suspect found dead in German cell
Two Dutchmen to kidnapping toddler Insiya
' Salah Abdeslam took out many jihadists on '
German objection to arms sales Turkey
Sick Messi is missing at Barcelona
Former football player (32) dies while running
Four in ten Germans: Islam undermines country
German security service unmask islamist
Germany and Morocco are preparing for co-chairmanship of the Global Forum
Police know who wife of stair kicked in Germany
Twelve-year-old tried to commit attack
Man arrested that woman of stair kicked
Refugee brings found treasure to police
Suspect arrested in Berlin
Moroccan Daesh-Member stuck in Germany
' Terror defendant had Netherlands on the eye '
Facebook grabs fake news in Germany to
Cell for stabbing teen in Germany who admired Daesh
Turkish soldiers ask asylum in Germany
World-wide follow-up for Trump-motion pictures Lubach
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