Customs officer Mohamed V airport in order to pass hash to Netherlands
Police port Tanger intercepts truck with 1350 kg hashish
Gendarmerie Mauritania find Moroccan hashish in potato
120 kilos of hashish seized in port Tanger
Morocco and Spain were given to 815 tonnes hashish do intercept
New variant of the well-known Moroccan ' chira ' popular in region Tata
Major drug smuggling blocked at border crossing Guerguarat
Moroccan police intruding on 1.5 tons of hashish hidden in 1 vehicle
Two tonnes of hashish seized in Ksar El Kebir
Seizure of more than 2 tons of hashish in Tetouan
900 kilos of hashish seized in Erfoud
Spanish agent in Tetouan for drug trafficking
Dutch Moroccan arrested in Tangiers for smuggling 36 kg hashish
Fez: hashish Hidden in milk cartons
Spain: seizure of more than a ton of hashish on a yacht from Morocco
Bab Sebta: authorities intercept 37 kilograms ' chira '
Fishing boat from Morocco with 12 tonnes of hashish seized in Spain (video)
Chefchaouen: more than a ton of drugs seized