Marrakech sees slight increase in the number of visitors this year
Moroccan authorities increase excise duties on alcohol, tobacco and gambling
NGO calls on Moroccan Government judgments against rapists (video)
Good year for fisheries sector in Morocco
Number of marriages of minors in Morocco is increasing
16% increase in export of Moroccan handicraft products in 2016
Moroccans 13.8 billion cigarettes bought in 2016
Number of Scandinavian tourists in Morocco increased by 10% in 2016
Morocco's avocado production increased by 35%
Morocco is snails increase production
Fruit and vegetable prices increased in Morocco
Fruit and vegetable traders in Casablanca tell about price rise (video)
Wheat: Moroccan House agreed to increase import duties to 135%
Sharp rise in the number of Chinese tourists in Morocco
Cigarette prices set to rise in Morocco
Tangier tourism even in low season increased
Moroccan fruit and vegetable export to EU increased by 17% in first quarter of 2017
FIFA Ranking: Morocco rises 4 spots on world rankings
Ouarzazate registers the highest increase in tourists in 2017
Significant increase in fuel prices in Morocco
8 million tourists have visited Morocco in first 8 months of 2017
ONDA: air traffic is still rising in Morocco
Moroccan Minister of Islamic Affairs want to increment salaries clergy
Morocco has no less than 42,000 more unemployed in 2017
Court of Auditors: ' Moroccan civil service salaries rise too fast '
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