Jealous of those European Moroccans in their fat baking
Rich children Morocco arrested for fraud
Impasse in Moroccan education between Minister and suppliers
Three teen girls kidnapped and raped in Kenitra
Man tries to steal police motor in Kenitra
Two members gendarmerie Kenitra horribly mistreated after arrest alcohol seller
Video of complaining motorist over roads in Morocco goes viral (video)
DGSN opens analysis laboratory in Kenitra
Arrest of fake police officer in Kenitra
Suicide of a prisoner convicted of terrorism in Kenitra
Region Kenitra-Salé-Rabat tourist gets boost
First windscreen factory in 2019 of land in Kenitra
Gang rolled up in Kenitra posing as members of the security forces
Kenitra: Man killed wife after she has rejected
Launch of construction Peugeot factory on 15 June in Kenitra
Kenitra: police helicopters will I have to pay to come in handy after copper theft at high speed line
Kenitra: military detained and abused by drug mafia
Moroccan Highway administrator ADM launches three new projects
Moroccan cities: Kenitra
Kenitra: arrest of former Colonel of the Royal Gendarmerie because of corruption
Kenitra: woman married to two men
Kenitra: administrative police gets new appearance (video)
Kenitra: research on traffic accident caused by drunk police officer
Automotive sector: Spanish Tramping settles in Morocco
Kenitra: 10 lampposts fallen (video)
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