Massive interest for killing prayer shot Said
Truck with partiers ends in Morocco channel
8 dead and 20 injured in traffic accident in Morocco
26 killed by floods in Egypt
Three dead after accident near Fkih Ben Salah
Dozens of deaths from attack in Pakistan
Moroccan man saves woman from massacre by spouse (video)
Noteworthy: 1366 deaths and wounded 22 on Moroccan roads last week
More than 100 dead in collapsed Church in Nigeria
Two Moroccans under 39 dead in the attack in Istanbul
In Aït Oumdiss confront the residents the ' white death ' (video)
Agadir: truck accident had no permission to drive on that road
Four dead and two injured in traffic accident in the South of Morocco
Three people have died after collapse of a house in Marrakech
Dozens of deaths from hospital Kabul attack
' Three dead by incident Stockholm '
19 years cell claimed in honour killings case
Deaths by fire in Tower flat London
Many deaths from attacks in Syria and Iraq
48.6% of poisoning deaths in pesticides responsible for Morocco
Fatal crash near Tanger, 3 deaths
Barcelona: police confirm attack, local media report 13 dead
18 dead last week by road accidents in Morocco
Beni Mellal: mother and three children died as a result of flooding
Three Israelis killed in illegal settlement
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