King Mohammed VI spotted in casual restaurant in Marrakech (video)
Mohammed VI is visiting restored historic places of interest in Marrakech (video)
Bus driver arrested in Marrakech for sick leave
Ding dong, the Moroccan King for the door (video)
King Mohamed VI orders to district in Marrakech to give Jewish name again
The police in Casablanca, Marrakech and Tangier had the pressure last night (videos)
Former Mayor Marrakech tried to 1 years in prison for squandering public funds
City Council agrees to return Jewish name of Essalam district
Shop owner in Marrakech talks about meeting with King Mohammed VI (video)
King Mohammed VI receives foreign ambassadors in Marrakech
King is visiting wounded from bus crash in around Agadir (video)
Le Monde places Marrakech in top-20 places to visit in 2017
King launches projects for preservation of heritage of old medina in Marrakech (video)
American tourist praises Morocco (video)
Local residents and police are fighting together against thieves in Marrakech
Eight smugglers arrested in Marrakech
Parkour over the rooftops of Marrakech (video)
Prince Harry spends his holidays in Marrakech
Delegation Russian travel agents on visit in Marrakech
Fire in hotel in Marrakech
Tanzanian officials explore tourism opportunities in Marrakech
Moroccan national team takes place in Tunisia and Burkina Faso excellent sparring partners
Prisoners injured in traffic accident in Marrakech
M'Hamed Boucetta today buried in Marrakech (video)
Crown Prince Moulay El Hassan and Prince Moulay Rachid attended funeral Boucetta (video)
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