Moroccan migrants trapped in Libya calling for help (video)
Moroccans and Algerians from Sebta: police gets clogged fairground attractions (video)
migrants rescued at sea between Morocco and Spain 339
Network rolled up those migrants per jet ski from Morocco to Spain transports
Tangier: attempted illegal migration stopped
190 Moroccan migrants repatriated from Libya (video)
Rabat: African migrants contribute to the cleaning of the city (Rabat)
Morocco deports Group sub-Saharan migrants after clashes with local residents in Tanger
Tangier: rescue just in time to rescue migrants from drowning
Two sub-Saharan migrants died in crossing attempt to Melilla
' Lost children-30,000 minors missing in Europe ' (video)
Holds 200 migrants against Morocco at Sebta
More than 500 refugees reach South Spain
Morocco and Spain hold 300 migrants again against Sebta
Migrants: 26,000 applications for regularization registered in Morocco
Casablanca: Brawl between Moroccans and sub-Saharan migrants in Ouled Zaher (video)
Tangier: tragic death of 8 migrants, several migrants still missing
Morocco is going to help to evacuate migrants from Libya to 3800 (video)
More than 6200 children of African migrants in Moroccan schools
Keep 1000 migrants against Moroccan authorities at border crossing Sebta
More than 200 migrants forcing border at Melilla
Rose boat people of Moroccan and Algerian origin
The bodies of 20 migrants salvaged by Moroccan patrols
Moroccan governmental delegation sends 36 migrants back to Morocco in Melilla
Melilla install barbed wire with blades on the border crossing with Morocco
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