El Othmani's first speech for the Council of Ministers (video)
New Education Minister promises quick improvement education Morocco
Ambitious Moroccan Minister of industry: automotive industry on production capacity In 2020 is ' 1 million '
More than half Moroccan University students completes study not af
Moroccan Minister of Justice performs Manhunt on property crimes and corruption on
Israel begins building new illegal settlement
King Mohammed VI expressed his disappointment, cancel vacations ministers
Spain: opening of the G4 meeting of ministers of the Interior
The Hague waiting at book trade
King Mohammed VI is the Council of Ministers for today
King Mohammed VI is for Council of Ministers
LaĆ¢youne TV calls Algerian Minister a sodomite and a pimp (video)
Political earthquake in Morocco, King Mohammed VI dismisses 3 current ministers
PVV wants to prevent Minister Gamal
El Othmani's Prime Minister Council after ' political earthquake ' (video)
El Othmani designates interim ministers to
Saudi Arabia arrests Princes and ministers
Al Hoceima development projects: fired ministers will not be prosecuted
Moroccan Minister speaks out about spread shocking images after shooting Marrakech
European delegation Israel ' weert '
Lebanese Prime Minister Hariri rescinds resignation
Royal Air Maroc put charges against Algerian Minister by
Hakkaoui: ' DNA test to fathers of children to trace ' (video)
El Othmani with list ministers candidates to King Mohammed VI
Morocco transfer ceremony of new Ministers
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