King Mohamed VI orders to district in Marrakech to give Jewish name again
King pays funeral expenses of crashed police officers from Fes
Moroccan wounded by attack Istanbul expressed gratitude to King Mohammed VI
City Council agrees to return Jewish name of Essalam district
Shop owner in Marrakech talks about meeting with King Mohammed VI (video)
King Mohammed VI receives foreign ambassadors in Marrakech
Mohammed V Foundation receives $10 million donation from the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi
T-shirt of the King is popular with taxi drivers in Marrakech (video)
King is visiting wounded from bus crash in around Agadir (video)
King is for Council of Ministers in preparation for return to African Union
King is religious service in commemoration of Hassan II (video)
Council of Ministers, chaired by Mohammed VI, 24 hours postponed
King launches projects for preservation of heritage of old medina in Marrakech (video)
King Mohammed VI gives tomorrow launched six projects in Ben Guerir
King Mohammed VI gets wonderful gift of citizen (video)
King Mohammed VI opens ' Green Energy Park ' in Ben Guerir (video)
Baby: ' King will go to Addis Ababa for African Union Summit ' (video)
King Mohammed VI invited for official visit by Erdogan
King appoints new head FAR and says goodbye to us Ambassador (video)
South Sudan welcomes tomorrow King Mohammed VI
King is visiting former Istiqlal Party leader Maddison Boucetta in hospital
King Mohamed VI helps thousands of Moroccans this cold time by
King Mohamed VI ordered extension field hospital in South Sudan
Nigerian arrested with scoops of cocaine in his stomach on Mohamed V
King Mohammed VI gives dinner in honor of African heads of State
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