Attack on the Grand Mosque in Mecca foiled
Eid Ul fitr: King Mohammed VI carried out Eid prayer in Al-Mohammadi mosque (video)
Suspect of terrorism again arrested in Venray
Army Iraq takes al-Nuri mosque in Mosul in
Casablanca: two rival drug gangs blocking entrances mosque in district Moulay Rachid
British koran teacher cell in after child abuse
Sever contact with Israel Palestinians
Injured in new unrest in Jerusalem
Israel prohibits men under 50 year to participate in Friday prayers in al-Aqsa Mosque
Canadian church opens doors for local Muslims (video)
The Green mosque in Adana
Billions rebuilding Grand Mosque Mecca resumed
Al-Sunna mosque in Spain victim of hate
Bizarre: two hitting clashed with each other in muezzin's mosque in Fez (video)
The mosque that a village with electricity
Brussels Grand Mosque imam residence permit not renewed
Mayor Enschede: action Pegida disgusting
In the picture: the renovation of the coastline around the Hassan II mosque (video)
' Let officer listen in mosque '
Dozens of deaths from attack in Nigeria
Egypt mosque during Friday prayers killing 184 by assessment
Egypt: ' local residents tried to defend mosque attack '
Noteworthy: residents start petition against building Agadir district mosque
King Mohammed VI prays Friday prayer at Hassan II mosque in Casablanca (video)
Saudi Arabia: ban on taking pictures in mosques in holy places
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