Saudi father kills daughter to repentance
Joran crying: I have killed her
Elderly puts out young Ilyas death
Mother killed Mirjam held, no question of honour killings
A mother Mirjam has huge regret
Despite rumors much uncertainty over death Abate
Police gives clarity: Abate certainly committed suicide
London rocked by brutal murder party
Section on body beaten to death arrestee from Aruba
' Feud following shooting Amsterdam '
Girlfriend shot man in Amsterdam out of danger
Shot Amsterdammer known of the police
Just released man kills friend after bizarre feud in Morocco
Drunk Moroccan woman stabs husband death
Police think of mistake at garage murder Amsterdam
Casablanca: alcohol and jealousy lead to murder in Group of friends
Man by son murdered in Dordrecht
Young man killed girlfriend in Morocco to suspect sihr
Court bends over gifmoord Nasr s. on wife Marian
Young woman in Morocco of roof thrown
Arrests after find body Zeewolde
Young man kills mother in Al Hoceima
Mother arrested in Morocco to kill little daughter (4)
Research to find dead woman Eindhoven
Woman found chopped into pieces in an abandoned villa in Morocco
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