Prison system wants to abolish the well-known ' gouffa ', no food more of family members
New surveillance systems in 18 prisons in Morocco
More than 100,000 prisoners in Moroccan prisons overcrowding threatens, 2016
Prison Break: behind the scenes in Ouarzazate (video)
DGAPR: changes in executives Moroccan prisons
Government officials, including agents, get from Rabat prison for drug trafficking and corruption
Italian Court sentenced Moroccan man to 3 prison for abuse daughter
New prison opened in Tangier (video)
Prison Administration responds to hunger strike by detainees Hirak
Tangier: gang members specialized safes theft sentenced to 6 years cell
Press Board Manikandan increases after remote prison food ban
Meknes: Detainee shot dead in local prison
Fez: Prisoner dies in Ras El Ma-prison to tuberculosis
Imzouren: 7 persons sentenced to prison for riots
Final closure of the prison Salé 1
Prisons in Morocco launch awareness and screening campaign for AIDS
Explosion in local prison Fez, DGAPR opens investigation
N: Man commits suicide in prison
Prisoner escapes from special hospital in Rabat and is found in Tanger
Up to 5 years in prison for women who were prosecuted for terrorism in Morocco
115 those condemned to death in Moroccan prisons
Sale: 12 government officials placed in prison due to international drug trafficking
Casablanca: Student jail is for sharing intimate photos ex-girlfriend
Casablanca: woman arrested because they smuggled drugs in clothing for her beloved
Spain: two Moroccans sentenced to 2 years in prison for glorifying terrorism
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