Half population are watching Fitna not
Wilders is finally prosecuted
Wilders: '' tens of millions of Muslims must Europe ''
' Half Muslims contemplating departure '
' We Netherlands cost billions '
Enthralled VVD and PvdA
Precautions for Muslims about profit PVV
Cohen: winners VVD and PVV to put
Wilders late Hague Council left with financial hangover
Wilders: golf against islam is not stopping
Discussion on PVV and Breivik breaks loose
Rutte: ' Hate palaces pronunciation of Wilders is terrible '
Queen Beatrix with headscarf in mosque
Moroccans debate starts late but brings nothing on
Wilders stirreth grassroots back on: ' Less Moroccans! ' (video)
Criminal process ' less Moroccans ' Geert Wilders goes through
Zionist long arm sends Wilders huge donation
Wilders does not come to his lawsuit
Statements Wilders reviewed by the judge
6474 declarations against Geert Wilders
To start with indictment in case-Wilders
Geert Wilders gets to hear strafeis
To: 3 out of 4 charges Wilders proven
5000 euro fine for Geertje
Counsel Wilders embarks on defense
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