Benazir Bhutto comes to when attack
Viewership record for Peter r. De Vries
' Why choose an import bride? '
College deliberates on action against imam
Eight women and one man sentenced to stoning
Morocco prohibits Berber names in Netherlands
Moroccans ' richest rappers of Netherlands '
Wilders is finally prosecuted
Discrimination on the internet especially against Muslims
Van der Laan challenges Wilders out for duel
' Half Muslims contemplating departure '
Mahaffey killed in German court
' We Netherlands cost billions '
' No Islamic Republic Of Netherlands '
Back to Morocco or Turkey for a job
Import bride: ' eight years locked up and raped '
Morocco continues disruptors fasting
Problems with bus transport
Muslims concerned about Sugar party at 9/11
Wilders wants debate on ' true nature ' Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)
' Gordon is a racist jerk ' (video)
Declaration against Geert Wilders to rule on Moroccans
Wilders stirreth grassroots back on: ' Less Moroccans! ' (video)
Bid's also angry to Moroccans-statements Wilders
' Dutch people Shun Muslims prefer '
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