The double tongue of headscarf haters
Saudier (80) gets 10-year bride back
Petition against burqa ban signed thousands of times
Burqa ban officially set up in Netherlands
Mensenrechtenchef UN: ' Trump is dangerous '
Writing Guantanamo-prisoner is free
Morocco gets criticism of the UN on women's rights
Turkish law underage marriages withdrawn
Princess Lalla Meryem leads Congress for children's rights
Morocco comes with National Center for children's rights
Saudi Prince: time that women go drive
Eurosport gets rights Africa Cup in Ireland and England
Fox Sports will broadcast next Africa Cups
More than 50% of the Moroccans to abolish death penalty
' Party programs in violation of rule of law '
UNICEF and CNDH join forces for improving conditions children Morocco
Netherlands refuses flight Çavusoglu
UN investigating crimes against Rohingya
Scoop: Christian minority received by Organization for human rights v Morocco
Per day 100 babies born with unknown father, according to Moroccan Human Rights Centre
' Stop eviction families to Afghanistan '
Increasing concerns about fate Syrian refugees at border Algeria
Norwegian court refuses appeal of Breivik
Moroccan Government creates Monitoring Committee for government projects
European Court: Burqa ban does not violate human rights
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