Rich children Morocco arrested for fraud
Crooks behind bars in Morocco
The apartment comes fully-light 7 unemployed women in Tiflet
Moroccan light Belgian investor on for 10 million dirham
Infamous con artist from Casablanca gets five years in prison
Female con artist Casablanca makes 2 million dirham spoils of victims
Police officers and gendarmerie Salé informed young people for 810,000 dirham on
Online car seller Tanger light 200 victims on, nabbed by authorities
Berrechid: four crooks busted that expenditure for staff ONEE
Ronaldo suspected of tax fraud
Almost 100 Moroccans who wanted to perform the Umrah victim of scams
Marrakech: Director of money transfer agency arrested for fabricated crime
Khemisset: arrest of gang that car rental companies had
DST arrest one of Morocco's largest real estate scammers
Mecca: 300 Moroccan pilgrims on street after Saudi travel agency scams
N: scammer picked up those French visa promised to victims
Master scammer arrested in Tangiers
Royal Gendarmerie arrests swindlers who claim to act on behalf of senior officials
Strong increase in rogue Web shops
Tetouan: Notary arrested for scam
Tetouan: Scammer arrested who passed himself off for police officer
Safi: Two gendarmes in prison for scams and embezzlement