Moroccan migrant hides in engine compartment by bus
400 migrants storming Sebta (video)
Morocco tightened border control to Sebta and Melilla
Sebta: five Spanish citizens reportedly wounded by Moroccan Navy patrol
Border crossing Sebta again stormed by migrants (video)
25,000 Moroccans travel every day to Sebta for work
121 kg chira seized at border crossing Sebta
Spaniards get caught at border crossing Sebta who illegally smuggled money
Long lines at border crossing Sebta
Hundreds of migrants storming Sebta (video)
Civil Guard wants more troops to the border with Sebta
Spanish anti-trafficking training in Africa
Morocco strengthened security measures at border with Sebta (video)
' Manos solidarias ' helps sub-Saharan migrants in Morocco (video)
Sebta: Opening of the ' Tarajal II ' transition point
Transition point ' Tarajal II ' will be limited to 4,000 people a day
Body of murdered Moroccan young man in Sebta repatriated
Chaos at reopening transition point Tarajal II in Sebta
Moroccan authorities prevented new storming of migrants in Sebta
Woman died in border crossing Sebta
Tarajal II: a sleepless night with the female ' mules ' (video)
Drama in port Sebta, Moroccan holiday maker from Spain drowns in car (video)
Five injured in skirmishes along border post Sebta (video)
Weather ' mule ' wife died in border crossing Sebta
Again storming of fences at border with Sebta
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