Two Dutch soldiers killed in Afghanistan
Athletic body shot to Morocco
Massive interest for killing prayer shot Said
Dead and injured by shooting Amsterdam
Agent in Morocco saves life of colleague by ' mcharmal ' to shoot down
Man in front of his wife and child were shot dead in Amsterdam
' Feud following shooting Amsterdam '
Girlfriend shot man in Amsterdam out of danger
Man injured after shooting Rotterdam
' Police lost shots at Istanbul Airport '
"Multiple wounded shooting Amsterdam '
Suspects after shooting water café
Man chops in on people im a housekeeper at Ohio
Shishalounge close because of shooting incident
Wounded in shooting near Islamic Centre in Zurich
Turkey and Russia call attack provocation
American Turkey stations close after shots
Daesh claims to be behind attack Jordan
Deaths and injuries by on airport us (video)
Truck covers in on pedestrians in Jerusalem
31-year-old shooting victim Utrechter
Intelligence service involved in attack
Enemy soldier killed on Paris
' An agent death in Paris by Act of terror '
Paris attack claimed by Daesh
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