the world's largest desalination unit powered by renewable energy in Souss-Massa-region
Souss: huge havoc after fire in OASIS near Assa
Souss-Massa: rural hostels now connected to satellite internet
Inezgane: amputee arm victim violent incident restored (video)
Souss-Massa region: European Union funds in pilot-project vulnerable children
Chtouka AIT Baha: school principal let all his students questioning by gendarmerie
Souss-Massa region: 6.4 billion dirham was allocated to 29 projects
Souss-Massa: serial killer makes eighth victim
Souss-Massa: on the trail of the serial killer (video)
Souss: alleged serial killer of homeless is a former soldier
Souss region: serial killer arrested thanks to DNA-traces
Agadir: Process serial killer opens on 7 april