Member rigs Association Vindicat busted for carbine shot
Students Casablanca to blows with teacher
American students in Tanger singing Moroccan national anthem (video)
Research school dead pupil takes months
Morocco goes 100 scholarships available to Jamaican students annually
Police arrest 5 suspects of murdering Moroccan student in Senegal
Students in Salé busted for pro-Daesh graffiti
M'Sroufy, a platform for part-time jobs in Morocco
Arrest of 17 students in FES after clash with police (videos)
PNEA: ' of the Moroccan students smokes 15%, 13% used drugs and skips over 22% '
Students volunteers work on improving schools in Settat
Record number of complaints about ' horror exam '
16,000 African students are currently studying at Moroccan universities
Students covers high school in FES after exam (video)
Dakar: Two Moroccan students killed in motorcycle accident
Noteworthy: School principal in Zaïo fired after questions to students to call credit
11 students will represent Morocco at International Mathematical Olympiad
Ouarzazate: arrest of pupil that together teacher beats (video)
Cairo: Moroccan middle school students win first prize
Rabat: 6 months imprisonment for apprentice teacher abused (video)
50 students poisoned by contaminated water in Central Morocco
Moroccan students will communicate live with astronauts
Fez: 20 students arrested for violence against their teachers
Casablanca: that teacher Student battered sentenced
Student associations plans protests in Rabat
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