Save tourist who wanted to commit suicide in Morocco Meknes (video)
Police: suspect attack was 22-year-old man
Moroccan man by Italian media praised for heroic action after rescue woman from suicide
Fornication suspect De Bilt does suicide attempt
Morocco has the highest suicide rate in the MENA region
Man commits suicide on cemetery in Tangiers
Mohammedia: Man jumps from moving train off
More than 300 dead by attack Mogadishu
Killed and injured by explosion in Kabul
Casablanca: Suspect commits suicide in toilets of the Court
Dozens of deaths from attack in Nigeria
Tangier: Woman commits suicide by jumping off of the bridge
Update: ' attempted attack on bus station New York '
Tangier: Two suicides in one morning
Chefchaouen sees a record number of suicides this year
Yet another suicide scares inhabitants Chefchaouen on
Marrakech: Police Inspector threatens with suicide on roof of police station
N: Man commits suicide in prison
Suicide child Tanger not because of the ' Blue Whale Challenge '
New case of suicide in Chefchaouen
Suicide bomber arrested in Bulgaria thanks to Moroccan intelligence service
M Diq: Man commits suicide by attaching to a tree to hang himself
Once again suicide in Tanger
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