Trump sends envoys to Middle East
North Korea says to have tested hydrogen bomb
King Mohammed VI Trump sends condolence message
King Mohammed VI Trump sends condolence message
Turk erased Twitter account Trump
Trump warned about Jerusalem
King Mohammed VI sends message to Trump and calls with Abbas
Al Quds: Morocco calls on the proxy from the US Embassy on the mat
Trump acknowledges Al Quds as the capital Israel (video)
Arab League meets to Al Quds-decision
Al Quds: Moroccan Parliament condemns decision Trump (video)
Ferme language Erdogan at start Al Quds-top
Hamas wants Trumps Al Quds-move rollback
Re-entry ban Trump yet again under pressure
Minister: Trump-station at Western Wall
Palestinians: Al Quds is not for sale
Trump sends King Mohammed VI letter about Al-Quds
Trump to Israel because of Embassy
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