King Mohammed VI visits Rwanda
King Mohamed VI continues African tour through Tanzania
King Morocco soon to Burkina Faso
Rabat and Madrid prepare official visit of the King of Spain to Morocco for
King Mohammed VI invited for official visit by Erdogan
King arrived today in southern Sudan for official visit (video)
Aboutaleb on working visit to Morocco (video)
Visit less and less cinemas in Morocco (video)
King Mohammed VI not only for holiday to Cuba: diplomatic ties restored
Moroccan Minister Bourita today on a working visit to Spain
Sudanese president invites King Mohammed VI to Sudan
Macron brings visit to Morocco
Spanish Minister for Domestic Affairs today on a working visit to Morocco
King Mohammed VI to visit France for private
King Mohammed VI will visit Cape Verde in 2018
Casablanca: FC Barcelona football school will soon get star player on visit
Emmanuel Macron will bring a State visit to Morocco in 2018
Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev arrived in Morocco
Former Turkish Prime Minister visiting family of Moroccan who was killed during attempted coup
King Mohammed arrived in Abu Dhabi
The arrival of King Mohammed VI in Abu Dhabi in picture (video)
King Mohammed VI in december to Indonesia as possible
French Prime Minister is visiting Morocco on 15 and 16 november
Marrakech: Yves Saint Laurent museum attracts a lot of visitors
Portuguese Prime Minister brings a visit to Morocco next week
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