Zamzam water most healthy water on Earth
Laayoune will soon get water station of half a billion dirham
Morocco's dam storage capacity reached 54.6% per 14 February
Most Moroccans not insured against water damage (video)
204 million dirham for waste water irrigation project in Oujda
' Driving lesson course car to extend water '
Director high school Tanger throws smartphones pupils in water
Morocco should be addressing the challenge of water scarcity in the short term, addressing (video)
Water: 207 million dollars for irrigation in Morocco
The Museum of Water in Marrakech will be opened on 2 may
Research use of human feces as fertilizer after possible for watermelons
Beauty Talks: Rose water
African development bank invests 300 million euros in Moroccan water industry
Two new hotels and a water park in Saïdia this summer
Report: the polluted beach of Jbila in Tangier (video)
the world's largest desalination unit powered by renewable energy in Souss-Massa-region
Morocco goes maritime zone at height of the Moroccan Sahara
Camels die by heat wave and lack of water in South of Morocco
Italy deports Moroccan who threatened to poison drinking water installation
Forest fires in Italy: Morocco sends two water bombers
17% of Moroccans still has no access to clean drinking water
Agadir: newlywed couple died by gas of hot water boiler
Dramatic death of foreign tourist in Casablanca
' Manifestations of thirst ' against water shortages in southern Morocco
Kyle B Saad El Othmani is water Commission for (video)
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